When we finally made it back to see the llamas, Wayne thought they were really neat. He told me we should buy one
to protect our miniature goats at home.

I asked Wayne to wait on any purchase until I could gain enough knowledge to understand what llamas require in
feed and maintenance.  I also needed to know if they would get along with our herd of 13 Miniature Pygmy Goats.

I read a book on the care and feeding of llamas which told me that they are herding and grazing animals.  They eat a
lot less than horses eat and are not particularly difficult to care for.  I soon got the “llama bug” as well so we went

In November of 2002, we purchased our first two llamas from a large breeder of llamas.    

Much learning ensued in that first year concerning the care and handling of llamas, not to mention learning how to
train them in halter and performance.    

I got brave enough to attend our first llama show in the Fall of 2003.  Wayne found an old horse trailer, then he
hooked it up to our old RV. We took our first girls on the road soon thereafter..

are no longer showing in the show ring. Our girls and boys have brought home 320 GRAND and RESERVE
TROPHIES(See “Show Winners”).  

I take great pleasure in showing my llamas in both the performance and halter ring.  I enjoy training them. I am
always amazed when they learn something new.  I have now sold multiple, trained THERAPY LLAMAS.  Those
llamas are truly "special"...to me & to the new owners!
My husband, Wayne was traveling with me in 2002.  We happened to drive by the North Carolina Mountain Fair in
Fletcher and decided to stop and visit.  I immediately noticed there was a llama show listed on the agenda. Wayne
wanted to see the trucks and the tractor pull.
Training the llamas is not only a fun activity for
me but it makes them more manageable on the
farm as well as more marketable, valuable and
desirable to own.

We have kept our herds small with the intention
of training and interacting with each animal on a
daily basis.  This separates us from the large
breeding farms.

Our goal is to breed show quality colorful llamas
with an emphasis on appaloosas & llama
performance training.

Please come visit with us.  Let us introduce you
to “llama love”!