The Llama Tour is an active and interactive, "Hands On!" educational experience and
adventure like no other you have perhaps ever experienced!  You will have the opportunity to
see, pet and (in most cases) help train some of our llamas. For small groups, the 2 hour tour
will be an intimate experience with the llamas.  For groups larger than 8, the elderly, or young
children, we can custom design an experience where we bring the llamas to your group in our
front lawn and concrete driveway area....then perhaps take llama photos with all/most

In the 2 hour llama/farm tour, wheel chairs or walkers cannot be accommodated over uneven
ground and over or between animal pastures.  Participants must be able to walk or stand for a
45 minute to 2 hour period(depending on tours selected) over uneven ground/pastures at
times.  You must be able to go up and down a flight of 15 – 20 steps at a time.  It is fine to
make use of a family member or cane for assistance. (Note:The foregoing paragragh does NOT
APPLY to a custom designed tour where we catch and bring llamas to your group.)

Alternatively, if the NEW SENIOR or large group 45 MINUTE TOURS are selected, we can bring
llamas individually to the group in the concrete driveway area.

Children must be ages 6 and up to participate in 2 hour tours; ages 4 and up to participate in
the 45 minute tours
Children (anyone under the age of 12) MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  
Children 12 – 17 MUST EITHER be accompanied by a parent or guardian OR arrive with a fully
completed and signed RELEASE FORM.  Anyone without a signed release will not be allowed
to participate.

The llama adventure/tour lasts either 45 minutes or approximately 2 hours depending on
TOURS selected.  TOURS are conducted on an APPOINTMENT ONLY basis.  Once the tour has
begun, back packs, purses, fanny packs, coolers and outside food will not be allowed on your
person or on the tour. These articles can be left in personal vehicles during the tour.  No
outside alcoholic beverages are allowed on the tour.  Smoking is not allowed during the tour.

Waterproof boots are recommended.  However, regular boots or tennis shoes are fine.  NO
open toed shoes are allowed.  Anyone with open toed shoes can be denied permission to
participate in the tour.

Personal cameras and cell phone cameras are allowed.  PLEASE mute your cell phone once
the LLAMA TOUR begins. Any photos taken at or of Peloquin’s Perch may be used strictly for
personal use and NOT for commercial or professional use.

Inappropriate language or behavior will not be tolerated and can be reason to exclude any
offender(s) from participation without a refund.
Adults:  $125 + tax

listed. PHOTOGRAPHER of event price:  No additional fee(i.e., free of charge)

NEW - Military Adult, College Adult, Senior Adult 10% Discounted Admission - with appropriate
ID:  112.50 + tax

Ages 12 – 17: $75 + tax

Ages 6 – 11:  $55 + tax

45 MINUTE TOURS(No LLAMA performance or Costumes in this tour; a simple walking tour of
the farm...."Meet the girls" style)

45 MINUTE TOURS:  Ages 4 - 11:  $30 + tax;  Ages 12 - 17:  $40 + tax;  Adults ages 18 and up:  
$65 + tax

Funds received via the LLAMA TOURS are used to feed and support the needs of the llamas.  
THANK YOU for your support of these graceful and special animals!

Payment can be made in cash or via VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER or AMERICAN
EXPRESS.  There will be no refunds.  Any cancellations due to inclement weather, etc. can
reschedule within a 1 year period.

PELOQUIN’S PERCH is located at 4344 Hardy McManus Road, Evans, GA  30809
Contact information for LLAMA TOUR APPOINTMENTS:  

To schedule:  Please send E-Mail request or PM me via Facebook Page of:  Dorthe Rauholt
Peloquin with number in group, ages, and preferred dates and times to:

On arrival:  If the entry gate is not already open, please buzz at wireless entry gate intercom so
the entry gate can be opened for you.
Parking is on the concrete driveway directly inside the entry gate.
Select 45 Minute or 2 hour Tours  
We are now scheduling appointments
and inviting wedding or special events
participants. We can be flexible w/your

E-mail to schedule:
Llama Tours
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